Saturday, December 5, 2015

25 Questions

Mares or Geldings? Why?
My first 3 horses were all mares.  The first two were great - opinionated, but knew when to back down.  The third was a demon-child.  She was super fancy and athletic and super opinionated and picky.  After her, I decided I wanted to stick with geldings for a while because I wanted a horse with a little less "personality".  I love my current guy - opinionated enough, but has no desire to be the boss of anything but his little herd in the field.

Green Broke or Fully Broke?
I usually end up going for the green broke due to money restraints, and the fact that I love the bond that the training process creates.

Would You Own A Hotter Breed?
I currently own an OTTB, so I would say yes, I would.

What Was Your Dream Horse Growing Up?
My dream horse growing up was an upper level eventer.  Didn't matter what breed as long as the potential was there to do a */**/***/****

What Kind of Bits Do You Use And Why?
Ha - just did a blog post on this.  For dressage we use a full cheek Dr. Bristol because the stability of it helps to compensate for my busy hands, and he likes it.  For jumping we are currently in a double jointed 3 ring elevator with the reins on the loose ring portion.  It gives me the little bit of extra whoa that I need since Otter likes to get a little strong and on the forehand while galloping.  After the show is over next weekend, I think I'm going to experiment with a wonderbit to see if it gives us the same control without the extraneous rings.

Helmet or No Helmet?
Helmet.  Always.  When I was younger I used to ride without one occasionally, especially if I was just going to be doing flatwork.  One of the days I was just doing flatwork, while I was tacking up, I had a feeling that I should just wear a helmet that day so I put one on.  During our ride, my mare spooked and flipped over on me, crushing my knee.  Not sure what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing my helmet, but so glad that I was that day.

Favorite Horse Color?
Bays, black and white paint or a nice dark dapple grey

Least Favorite Horse Color?
Light chestnuts

Dressage or Jumping?

How Many Years Have You Been Riding? 
30 +

Spurs/Whip or No Spurs/Whip?
It depends on the situation.  XC and XC schooling we use both.  Jumping at home we use nothing, and dressage we use nothing unless Otter needs a friendly reminder about where his hindquarters are supposed to go, and then I will pick up a whip for a few minutes

Your First Fall?
Too young to remember.  Probably around 4ish.  I had a pony - enough said.

When Was The Last Time You Rode And What Did You Do?
Last time I rode was Thursday night and we did flatwork since nobody else was at the barn (my barn owner who lives on property and I have a light/time system so she knows I am ok)

Most Expensive Piece of Tack You Own?
My jumping saddle.  Collegiate Beta - not the fanciest thing, but fits us both well.

How Old Were You When You Started Riding?
Probably around 1? I was thrown up on the back of a horse as soon as I could sit up.
Not my first ride

Leather or Nylon Halters?
For around the barn, I don't mind nylon; but if a horse is getting turned out in a halter - either leather or nylon with a breakaway strap.  Show and trailering always get leather.

Leather or Synthetic Saddles?

What Type of Reins Do You Like?
Rubber reins

English or Western?

How Many Horses Do You Currently Own/Lease?

Do You Board Your Horse? Full Board? Self Care? etc.?
Board - Full care

Have You Ever Put Down A Horse You Loved?
Yup -2 so far.  Demon child and the pony

How Many Saddle Pads Do You Have?
Let's not count those - I might have a problem.

Slant-Load or Straight-Load Trailer?
My horse seems to be most comfortable in slant loads - The one time he was in a straight load since I had him, he seemed really confused by it.  I think he would enjoy a straight load though, since he likes to stand as parallel to the trailer walls as he can.

Why Do You Ride?
I ride because it's something I've done my whole life.  I love the bond I have with my horse and I enjoy the feeling of brushing him down, cleaning tack and a  good ride.

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